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The White Lotus

#HBO scored big with it's quirky series -  The White Lotus.  Written, directed and produced by Mike White (also a former contestant on Amazing Race and Survivor), this part comedy part drama explores the lives of weeklong guests at a Hawaiian Resort. The focus is on three groups of guests - a busy family on vacation, a honeymoon couple, and a single woman grieving the loss of her mother.

The Mossbacher family includes parents struggling to stay together, a spoiled college age daughter and her sneaky friend, and an unfocused teenage son.  During their stay,  secrets are revealed and some wounds are healed.  The honeymoon couple, Rachel and Shane, face the fact that they didn't know each other very well before the marriage and realize they come from very different backgrounds and expectations. Shane's mom (played wonderfully by Molly Shannon) shows up just to make things even more interesting.  The single traveler, Tanya, is just a hot mess of emotions.  Gotta love a good Jennifer Coolidge character!

While the guests face their own issues, the hotel managers have to deal with them.  The Spa Manager, Belinda, turns out to be the unofficial guest therapist.  The Hotel Manager, Armond, has an epic battle with a demanding guest providing a lot of comedic moments.

This is really a different kind of show - well written and finds a way to bring comedy into the dramatic struggles of the characters.  It's already been renewed for Season 2


If you watched the series, and you are interested in learning more about the ending from the writer's perspective, here is a great article from Vanity Fair -  "The White Lotus Finale: It Was Always Going to End This Way."  

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