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The Crown

The Crown is about the British Monarchy. I knew it was getting a lot of buzz when it first came out but I really didn't think this was going to be of interest to me.  Typically, I look to binge a good mystery or thriller.   Then I happened to sit down and watch  the documentary about Queen Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret.  It made me want to go back and learn a bit more about the Queen when she was younger so I decided to give The Crown a try.  Honestly, even though I knew the acting would be good,  I thought it would be slow and boring.

Let me convince you now that it is Bingeworthy!

I was hooked from the start. The series starts when the Queen was a regular (while royal blood) child whose father was never expected to be King (think Prince Harry).  When her uncle abdicated the throne over the love of a divorced woman, her father became King unexpectedly.   Her life would be forever changed.  It was really interesting to learn about the Queen's family dynamic, the relationship with the exiled King, and of course the early years with Prince Phillip.  I was a bit taken back when a new season started with all new actors taking over for the Queen and her family as they aged - but I grew comfortable with each of them.  And, I was happy that each season focused on a key time in the monarchy.  The relationships with the Prime Ministers are also really interesting - from Winston Churchill to Margaret Thatcher to Tony Blair (so far). 

After binge watching each of the 4 seasons - I'd give it a 👍🏞. Great acting, historical insight and interesting characters.

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I LOVED The Crown! It'll be really weird when they get to the modern day family members like Harry and William though. I remembered all too well the Princess Diana story; I wonder how accurate the portrayal was.

Side note...I was a bit distracted that Tobias Menzies was playing Prince Phillip, because he is forever cemented in my mind as Jack Randall from Outlander (a very.very.very.bad.guy).


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