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The Chosen

I'm not a big TV/movie guy, so I generally don't have a lot of bingeworthy recommendations, but I do have a favorite show I've been watching for the past couple of months with my family. It's called The Chosen, and it's about the story and life of Jesus. It's the largest crowd-funded media project of all time, and the plan is for them to shoot 7 seasons. They are funding as-they-go (funded half-way through season 3), and they have currently released the first two seasons (16 total episodes).

It's easily the most well-done depiction of Jesus that I've ever seen. The storytelling and character building are fantastic, and each episode leaves you wanting more. There are times when the kids will be resistant to watching an episode because they want to watch something else, but without fail, every time after we watch an episode, they always ask to watch the next one at the end. I'd call it the most bingeworthy show I've ever seen.

The hardest part is waiting for them to release new episodes once you've seen them all 😁

Here's the trailer:

You can find some episodes on YouTube, as well, but the best way to watch it is on The Chosen app, which is available on iOS and Android. You can use the app to cast/AirPlay to your TV, and then you have the ability to include captions (which can be helpful sometimes with the accents).

It's completely free to watch, and I highly recommend it ⭐ïļâ­ïļâ­ïļâ­ïļâ­ïļ


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