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There are definitely reasons you want to take that Silkwood shower - lots of dirt and grime and cringeworthy moments but you end up rooting for most of the Gallagher kids.  Frank, the patriarch of the family, is just the worst example of a parent but somehow his kids deal with him (and raise themselves) growing up on the southside of Chicago.  You may be surprised how the kids grow up over 10 years.  I would not have predicted how most of them evolved.

Oh...and another great  reason to watch at least  Season 1 is because of Joan Cusack's award winning role. While she is not a member of the Gallagher clan, she plays a neighbor who suffers from agoraphobia and takes anyone into her home.  Classic Joan!


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I have to agree with Molly. This show is quite often cringeworthy, but definitely Bingeworthy! Quite raunchy at times but also outrageous and funny. Many times our mouths hung open when Frank, the patriarch, had done something shameless and disgusting, but you do end up rooting for everyone in the family as they each face daily struggles just to get through their day. It may not be for everyone but we really liked it.

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