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Outer Banks Season 2

Outer Banks  Season 2 on #netflix involves a bit of old and new. Sarah's family is front in center in the epic battle between the Pogues (poor teens) and  Kooks (rich and entitled teens).   The gold bars found and then stolen from John B. and the Pogues during Season 1 are back up for grabs along with a new treasure with ties to another Pogue.  (No spoilers here).  The Pogues travel from the Outer Banks to the Bahamas to Charleston, SC seeking what is rightfully theirs against those who want more wealth. 

Outer Banks is a bit predictable but scratches the itch to rally for the underdog. Teens will continue to enjoy this series. 
The best quote from J.J when he got to Charleston, South Carolina:  "their Kooks make our Kooks look like Pogues".

The last episode sets up for Season 3. #outerbanks #outerbanks2

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