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I have not seen Peaky Blinders but I liked Mad Men. I binged that about a year ago and understood why so many people watched the show when it was on TV.   The characters are so great - but it was also really interesting to be taken back to a time when chain smoking and drinking in the office were part of advertising world.  If I recall, the first couple seasons were much better than the last couple.

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Okay…so just finished Peaky Blinders and loved it!! I had started once before, but the accents and muttering made it hard to understand. So, restarted with closed captioning on, and boy was it worth it!  It really draws you in after just a couple of episodes. To me, it’s the closest thing to the Wire I’ve seen, and I don’t toss that around lightly 😊

Like The Wire, it is often violent and dark, but also provides insight into cultures, classes and the time period between WWI and WWII in England. The acting is great by all, but Tom Hardy’s character is a real treat. The dialogue when he is in the script is especially good and I now have a whole new appreciation for him!

I also loved the theme music they chose to use, which is very reminiscent of β€œWay Down in the Hole” in setting a mood.  Highly recommend this series!

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