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This is a four-part documentary series on #netflix examining the multi-level marketing (MLM) clothing company #LuLaRoe.  Admittedly, I love these series/movies that expose scams.  LuLaRoe  is the brain child of husband and wife team DeAnne and Mark Stidham.  They go from selling maxi dresses out of a trunk to building a multi-million dollar empire based on a pyramid scheme.

Over the course of the documentary, viewers are introduced to women (They prey on women who have children and want to work from home) who joined them in a promise to make enough money to pay off debts, or even prosper enough so their husbands do not have to work.  Most of the people who joined early saw success for awhile  until their bonuses were changed without notice.  True to any pyramid scheme, the marketers realized that they didn't need to sell many clothes to earn big paychecks. They just had to recruit others and earn bonus checks for getting people to sign up as part of their team.  Along the way, they lost friends and money.  

The company grew so fast, it was stealing patterns to use off Google, shipping moldy leggings to sellers/buyers, and brushing off complaints.  The most interesting thing to me is that the DeAnne and Mark participated in the making of this series. Their frequent interview highlights were in stark contrast to highlights from the depositions they gave for a court case.  They are  proud defenders of the tactics used and the company - even today.  Yes, this company is still around.

If you don't understand multi-level marketing now, you will after watching this series.  

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OMG I found out about this doc first from someone I saw in a TikTok. She's been spilling the tea for a while, waiting for the show to come out. My initial reaction was...whut? Who wears those hideous leggings? Then I couldn't stop watching to see what the endgame was...and wow, it's still ongoing!

I thought the show was a fascinating psychology study!

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