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Halston - anyone watching this one?

OK, I'm always all in for anything with Ewan McGregor, but not sure if I should invest in finishing this limited series.  It seems to be very fixated on his relationships rather than the interesting story of his licensing deals run amok or his impact on American fashion. I'm three episodes in, with two to go, and ambivalent about finishing it. That should say something, since I should be the direct target for this show (fashion obsessed, history obsessed, fan of Ewan and Elsa Peretti, professional binger...).

It is fun seeing the sleek, chic interiors and visiting Studio 54, but the characters seem very cardboard (Halston has childhood trauma and is overcompensating, his boyfriend Victor is neglected and pouty, Elsa is rich and full of ennui...)

Am I the only one not wowed?

This one is on #netflix


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