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Cat People

When I started watching #catpeople on #Netflix,  I thought it would be a series on crazy cat people - full of humor and fun and not to be taken seriously.  Well, there is definitely humor but it's not an expose on crazy cat people.  Instead, each episode focuses on a unique cat  enterprise or family.

Even for non cat lovers, it is interesting.  How can you not continue watching an entire episode about a cat rapper? Is he crazy? No...he just loves his cats and knows there is a following and money to be made with cat crazy people.

Only two episodes in - I learned for the first time that there are cat rappers and cat performing "Aristo cats" who have a "Rock Cats" musical group.  And, I love the creative names of the cats you meet along the way - who doesn't like a cat named "DJ Ravioli"?  While I am not a crazy cat lover (nope, my dogs don't let them near the house), I am widely curious to learn more about the "catrepreneurs" (yep, I can make up cat words too).

If you love cats, you'll love this series. If you are not a cat lover,  you will  be introduced to new "catriffic" terms and learn about some endearing and passionate people whose lives are filled with cat passions.  

In my opinion, it is not as bingeworthy as 2020's big cat series #TigerKing but worth a peek to see if it sticks.  

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