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Allen v. Farrow

This is a four-part documentary series on #HBO (from award-winning investigative filmmakers) about the tragic story involving Woody Allen, Mia Farrow and their children.  Personally, I remember reading about Woody Allen dating and later marrying Mia Farrow's daughter, Soon-Yi, but I didn't know much about the accusations of sexual abuse involving his daughter, Dylan, which is the primary focus of this docuseries.

The series digs much deeper than the headlines of this notorious scandal and doesn't shy away from the fact that Mia denied her early suspicions of Woody's predator behavior due her disbelief that anyone she loved could be such a monster (my words).  Furthermore,  the filmmakers did a great job of investigating the actions of officials in both New York and Connecticut where incidents were reported.  Evidence presented in the series indicates either really bad investigations by the agencies pursuing charges occurred or (more likely) coverups to protect the predator (Allen) instead of the victim (Dylan).

Dylan and Mia Farrow are interviewed throughout this series - exposing old wounds once again. As evidenced in the last episode, had the #metoo movement not come, the Hollywood world would still be rallying around Woody Allen and probably would have stopped this series from happening.

The show is both bingeworthy and cringeworthy (topic). After watching this - it's hard for anyone to ever watch a Woody Allen movie again.   


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